Commercial Photography

We have a large range of local, national and international clients. The value we provide to these clients is based on to key ingredients – our Creative Expertise and our Technical Knowledge.

We deal with a large number of our clients directly, but we also deal with many design agencies and advertising agencies.

Creative Expertise

Take a look at the pages within this web site to gain just a glimpse of the quality and creative input that we can provide to even the most mundane product range!

Technical Knowledge

There are a wide variety of circumstances where it may be very difficult to adequately capture a photographic image of a product or a situation. Especially where the client has dictated a very specific brief. For example, the photography of chrome products, glass products or highly polished products can pose a real challenge. Likewise, taking photographs of the interior of buildings where the lighting can be hugely variable poses its own set of challenges.

Client List includes: O2, Southwest Water, Durex, Boots, Chubb, DML, NHS, London International Group, Ginsters, Vosper Thorneycroft, Wrigleys, Kensey Foods, Tamar Foods, BT, Knight Frank