Food Photography Tip – The Use Of Props, A Cliché.

Working on a new food photography project for a client at the moment so decided to get organised, made up shoot list, got ingredients and found locations for the shots that required a background. The client said he would bring the cutlery and plates etc. Once we started it soon became obvious ( to the client and myself) that the goods he had provided where simply far to “New”.

What we needed was that photographic cliché ……..”battered props”

Believe me I see nothing wrong with clichés, take a look at the shot below and imagine this being shot on a hygienic nylon cutting board, brand new spoon and gleaming grater, photographically horrid. So the shoot was delayed for another day and I brought along my “battered, scrubbed and loved” props which I have collected over the years. This has made me realise that there is very little in life that I don’t prefer a bit “battered and worn” including cameras, jeans, cutlery,tools etc, you name it all the better for some use and a patina that comes with loving that item.