Food Photography-Charles Jones, Gardener.

One of my all time favourite photographers was actually a gardner, Charles Jones, who worked on many estates including Ote Hall, in Sussex. He received recognition for his gardening talents in the Garden Chronicle of 1905, but his photographic talents remained undiscovered for another seventy five years. When historian and photographic collector, Sean Sexton, found a trunk full of prints in Bermondsey Antiques Market in 1981 Charles Jones was lifted from photographic obscurity.                                                                                                  These photographs consist mainly of vegetables, but also fruit and flowers. Charles Jones was a meticulous photographer both in the initial photography and the final print process which were Gold Toned Gelatine Prints from Glass Negatives. We, todays photographers, would do well to take note of his working practices, slow down and think the shot through and not take hundreds of shots of basically of the same thing, film in those days was precious.   The lasting beauty of his photographs are reflected in the subtlety of his arrangements, lighting and focus and can be compared to work from Felix Nadar and Etienne Carjat. But also he predicted the styles of later modernist photographers  like August Kotzsch, Josef Sudek and of course the great Edward Weston. Appended below is my homage to the man and his inimitable style. Now where is my 5×4!Artichoke.004 1